Police Called on Cuckold Ex

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Ashley Sinclair

American / Clearwater
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I love getting cucked by her

I'm finished with my ex boyfriend who was my cuckold for about a year. He had suck a small dick I just found that fucking other guys would please me and humiliate him. I started treating him like he didnt exist and fucked all kinds of guys in front of him or just told him about it. Sometimes Id just fuck people in the next room where he could hear. I made him wear sissy clothes and panties and lick their cum out of me just for amusement. I even made him kiss the dicks of many of my alpha male fuck buddies. But, my new partner isnt into any of that so Ive been trying to get rid of the ex. He thinks its still part of the game and creeps around outside my house trying to hear me fucking or trying to peek into windows. This video starts with him standing with the police officer I called on him and he listens to the story of our relationship from the beginning as I give my police report. Before its over, however, I invite the police officer inside for a quick fuck, Guess our cuck sessions arent over just yet haha.