None of These Shorts Fit Me 5 Pairs


Flawless Melissa

American / Las Vegas
11:58 min - Sep 29 - .MP4 - 659.08 MB


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It is like the last nice day out. I wanted to wear some super cute shorts!! So i started going through my shorts drawer. I tried on the first pair and it wasn't happening. The second was not any better. But then I started laughing & went and got my camera. I try on 5 pairs of shorts. From a Size 1/2 to a Size 38. No matter what pair I put on my muffin top peeks right over them. I even break a pair attempting to get them off. Fuck Even my growing tits keep falling out of my too small bra. My hips almost engulf my tiny panties that no longer fit. Its like nothing in my closet fits anymore
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