Edging in Moans

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6,115 5.0
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I'm going to marry you someday!!!

I'm going to marry you someday! 💜💜💜💜

colwebs Oct 16

You sound very wet !! 🙂

Mouse2681 - Top reviewer Mar 15
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Amber Hahn is a gift. I found this clip in the array at the end of some other clip, was very attracted to this most beautiful person, and bought this clip immediately. My god, she is so beautiful and it is really fun to watch her cum with the glass dildo. I loved this.

Ok! Rare for me to not talk dirty in a video- but here it is! No lack of sexuality in this very sensual video! Natural lighting, the camera rolling- sheer stockings.. Watch me finger fuck and use my glass dildo until I cum hard.. Listen to my moans, as this is the only way you will know when it is time to cum! I edge not only you, but also myself! I really like this video and I hope you do too! Get off to watching me rub my body all over, my bouncing tits, and of course, my wet pussy.
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