Mommy Comforts You

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I need you to remember this from now on: Mommy will be there for you no matter what happens! Mommy is the person responsible for your happiness and fulfillment and Mommy takes her role very seriously! You're the most important person in my life because I gave birth to you and we share the same DNA. You've been inside me already, for entire 9 months, but I'm sure you can't remember that, you were way too young :)) We just returned from soccer and you tell me that you're not feeling well. That's alarming for Mommy to hear from the only son she has and loves so deeply. I ask you what's wrong exactly, I need you to describe what are you feeling... maybe a fever? I'll check your forehead! Or it's like when you're sick in the stomach? Do you feel nausea? You're telling me it feels like a fever, but down there, at your pee-pee? I put my hand right there and discover an erection! God, that was such a relief! Now, you can observe Mommy's alleviation so you cheer up and start telling me all about it: that it happened several times to you but you didn't know what to do with it and that you have erotic dreams which make you cum in the very end. That's normal, son, everybody has them, if you don't ejaculate as often as you need (it depends on the person) it will happen while napping, the body eliminates the cum naturally. You don't know how to masturbate, so Mommy will instruct you. It's quite visible that you do it for the first time, you're kinda clumsy. But you're horny, your cock lubricated itself and slowly grows big as you squeeze it with your hand. I'm gonna help you to get it hard, first by taking my big boos out of the sports dress I'm wearing and, after this, by taking your erect penis in my hand to teach you how it's done. Surprisingly, I really like to HandJob my own son, from the moment I touched his cock I felt horny again, after a long time of libido-lack. That made me want to go even further, I propose "something even more pleasant", enough to make you curious and eager to discover all Mommy's secret techniques for pleasure. Surprise! Mommy just put her beautiful mouth around your cock and sucks it slowly, looking you in the eye. Probably you had no idea how satisfying a BlowJob can be, your face looks surprised and all I hear is your moaning. Even a bigger surprise is the DeepThroat part, you had no idea this is possible and now you lay on the bed and feel my throat with your sensitive cock. Your moaning intensifies every time it slides down my throat, but Mommy still has many surprises for you! It's all a game, like when you were little, Mommy presents every new thing as a game we both play, but, in contrast to the "tie your shoelaces" game or the "brush your teeth before bed" game, you'll adore this one, I guarantee it! Mommy will lay on the bed next to you and you will push that hard cock into Mommy's little gap-hole, down there, between mommy's legs. Don't think it further, just keep pushing yourself inside then pull out a bit just to push yourself back in again... Isn't it amazing? Mommy never felt this good with anyone, Mommy came three times in a matter of minutes! You were about to cum too, inside Mommy, but Mommy taught you that's not ok, you need to tell Mommy when you can't hold it anymore and Mommy will do something nice for you. And that's how we did it: he told me he's on the edge of cumming and I jacked him off over my chest and boobs until I felt my son's warm cum landing on my skin. I would do it again every fucking day!