HD: Sex After Date Night

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walterjp20 - Top reviewer Sep 30 2015
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This video like Blaze herself is perfect. The video and sound quality are amazing!!! I loved every second of this video it is a must own

JustSomeone Sep 30 2015
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I mean it's Birdy and Blaze and sex after a date night, someone really cares what I think?! Just buy it! Incredible, hot and beautiful. When Blaze is stroking Birdy's hair out of the way from between her legs its not because some porn director is telling her to do it for a better camera shot. It's two passionate women sharing a moment (a hot, hot, hot moment) with their fans.

Markmus Dec 1 2015
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Be ready to set ur player on repeat

Unknown19 deleted - Top reviewer Oct 17 2015
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The Dynamic Duo at the finest & hottest! Blaze & Birdy take g/g videos to a new level in this one! It's extremely hot sensuous, & intense! You will absolutely love watching 2 of the hottest cam girls on the planet going at it with such passion! Not only is this an explosive video, but I guarantee that you'll go pick up part 2 to this video from BirdyLoveIt's page! A MUST have to complete the collection! Dying to see more of these 2 in action!

walterjp202 Oct 3 2015
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An Amazing video from an amazing girl. This video like all of blazes videos is a most own. The video looks and sounds fantastic

bradsevil deleted Sep 30 2015
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Great video, and great chemistry between these two

randomdude1 Sep 30 2015
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Awesome video as always. Honestly, Blaze and Birdy can do anything and it'll be fantastic. I recommend this video to everyone. You won't be disappointed!

Unlucky Ninja - Top reviewer Aug 12
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Very hot video from two very cute girls

dave55555 Dec 11 2015
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Terrific video. Blaze and Birdy hit this one out of the park.

NinthThrow Nov 13 2015
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Beautiful ladies, I hope they had a great date as well!

benny101 Oct 14 2015
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Very hot video with stunning ladies!!
Great angles used in the filming and very good quality video.

jd5404 Sep 30 2015
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This video is fantastic; as always, Birdy and Blaze are beautiful. Blaze is quiet during the buildup, but her gasps right before and during her orgasm are incredibly sexy. Other highlights: I loved the simplicity of not using any toys, the inclusion of a few minutes of making out at the beginning, and the superb video/sound quality. Buy it.

polymath614 Oct 4 2015
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i love both of you very much. I feel like you need more direction in your video it does not feel real at times because you are looking at the cam or something else.

BirdyLovesIt wants to get hot and heavy after our date night. Watch as she undresses me, penetrates me with her fingers, and licks my clit until I reach climax! This is a video you won't want to miss! **Part 2 of our date night can be found here --> www.manyvids.com/Video/91153/HD:-Strap-On-Suck-And-Fuck/ **