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Pausanias Jan 5 2016
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This is one of the best vids I’ve downloaded recently. Nenetl is incredibly sexy in it and the photography and lighting are superb. It is a really high quality video. The mask has a subtle effect – it is not uncomfortable but restricts her sight and makes her seem to focus more on what is happening in her body.
Nico Bertrand has a great eye for what looks hot, and how to frame it to look really arousing. Nenetl’s skin, her panting wet mouth, her hard nipples, and all the glistening drool shining and sexy. You don’t have to be explicit to be arousing; being too explicit can sometime even be anti-climactic. Bertrand knows exactly how to build the viewer’s arousal – the low slow bass beat, just in the background at first, gradually increasing, and then only towards the end do you hear her moans.

KateTwinset Oct 1 2015
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This was an amazing piece. I loved the gear Nenetl is wearing although I expected a bit more of that like a gag applied or something .....

Directed by Nico Bertrand for BlackMindStudios This clip explores the line between paraphilia and fetish, porn and art, pleasure and performance. Watch me play with my mouth until I salivate uncontrollably. My body becomes covered with small rivers of drool, leading down to my glistening pussy. Watch me touch myself until I am a wet, sloppy mess, just begging to cum. This clip contains mouth fucking, pussy fucking, drooling, spit, and cum
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