sip My Gold POV


Elena De Luca

American / NYC
4:47 min - Sep 30 - .MP4 - 158.18 MB


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You are just dying to get near my "solid gold clit". You have been dreaming about hot good my perfect pussy must taste. Look at you down there, I can see the hope in your eyes. I have just what you have been dreaming of right here. I want you to open wide because you are about to taste my gold, alright. My golden nectar. You are now my toilet slave. I'm just so full, you are going to have to sip every last drop of my champagne. I'll drown you in my piss every day from here on out to impose you to sip it. Enjoy the view of my ass and open wide while I fill you up, peeing through my nude lace thong. Hope you're thirsty, Elena De Luca