Wynter & Layla Have A Chugging & Burping

Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
11:39 min - Oct 01 - .MP4 - 154.89 MB


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The two BBW's are sitting on their bed, sipping big glasses of root beer. It isn't long until Layla is burping LOUDLY from the fizzy sip! Wynter tries to compete with her- thinking her burps can get bigger- but Layla DOMINATES this competition- not even needing to sip very much soda at all to make some of the loudest burps Wynter has ever heard in her life!! Layla sounds like a friggen walrus ! Wynter tries to chug as much soda possible, almost 2 liters!! Does her burps get bigger, or does Layla's massive burps from her huge lungs win? Either way, both girls get huge, bloated bellies from the soda chug!!