Bitchy Boss Becomes Brainless Bimbo



British / United Kingdom
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Mikaela is arriving to let you know some bad news. That job you went for, well the you didn't get it, and so now Mikaela is your boss...and is determined to make your life a living hell. Mikaela tells you how she always disliked you, that you've always disliked each other, and that your career at this company is over now that your working for Mikaela. Mikaela strongly believes that she deserved this promotion way more than you ever did She boasts about how great she is, and that she is going places while you'll be doing nothing more than filing papers and making coffee until she retires. You come back and give Mikaela a coffee she carrys on insulting you for a while until the 'magic potion' that is in the sip starts to take effect. Mikaela's complaining that it's difficult to concentrate, and she is starting to forget what she's were talking about. She is slowly starting to change and she becomes more friendly...her voice changes and she starts talking in a less cruel manner, more girly and friendly, and perhaps even slightly tipsy. She is starting to be really nice and seducing the camera POV. She is saying how horny she is and taking her clothes off. She might even give the job to you?