Revenge on waitress Mikaelas Feet



British / United Kingdom
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Mikaela is a sexy waitress serving you in a restaurant. You just can’t resist staring at her sexy feet and stockings and she has noticed! She is talking to you, telling you how smelly and sweaty they are. She takes a seat and places her sexy waitress heels on you. Sitting there desperate to find out what those naughty shoes have done to her feet. She is dangling her naughty shoes right in front of you teasing you with her feet. She has now invited to you to her place now she is finishing work asking you to massage her feet. As promised your back at her place and she has taken her stockings off revealing her sexy sweaty and smelly feet. She keeps teasing; keeps making you smell her shoes and feet. For one minute she turns around and its time for REVENGE. Mikaela the waitress is tied up on the sofa in her own house and tickled with her own smelly stockings. She can’t stop struggling but can’t say anything where she is gagged. So revenge is sweet, she is tied, tickled and now should the torture stop. Perhaps it would be a good idea to tickle her sexy feet with a feather and then maybe to leave her tied up?
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