Draining You Dry



British / United Kingdom
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Paying me again and again turns you on so much. It's your fetish and I can manipulate you into doing anything I want. Your entire life is mine now and there is nothing you can do about it. I will drain your account dry, whilst mind fucking you into thanking me for it! It's so much fun putting you into a permanent stroke and pay trance! So come on pay drone, keep staring at my ass. Get used to the frustration of worshipping what you will never have. Feed that impulse to send tribute after tribute. Good loser... That's it. Stroke, spend, repeat! I know you are worried about your future, but the fear excites you, doesn't it. The fear of not knowing if this will ever end. Well let me tell you a little secret... My plan is to take you for everything you have, leaving you completely broke and redundant. I know it's cruel but don't think about it, just keep paying. It will make the pain go away! - Mikaela