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Me and my friend Carla are roommates coming out to see what our Daddy, "Cain", is up to. He's playing Dying Light for XBOX, when we decide to sit chill and take some of his weed to smoke, his attention changes to us. He watches the haze of smoke get us loose and relaxed, so much that we start to touch on eachother. When we realize we're took a huge liberty with his stash, we decide to repay him by treating him how every Daddy deserves: loving worship on his cock by his two favorite girls. We slowly crawl up to him, slowly kiss and lick on his big 8 inch cock, then suck the life out of him. We take mouthfuls of his balls at every point, always having a wet pair of lips wrapped around him. He refers to us has his little girls throughout our fun. I even help Carla to deepthroat our Daddy by pushing her head onto his cock hard. He ups the fun by making me eat out her pussy while she keeps sucking on him, then having her eat me out down to my asshole too. We go back to licking him up until he's ready to cum. Once he shoots his load all over our faces, we kiss eachother as he looks at his cum soaked sluts. Tags: candicain, candi cain, carlacain, carla cain, ebony, black girl, nigerian, american, white girl, snowbunny, pale, dyed hair, hairdye, punk, tattoo, tattoos, tattooed, thong, thongs, black thong, panties, topless, blowjob, bj, double blowjob, deepthroat, cock worship, cockworship, big cock, big black cock, big white cock, bbc, mixed male, interracial, mff, boygirlgirl, threesome, facial, cumshot, cum, girl girl, marijuana, weed, cannabis, 420, stoner, stoned, stoned girls, gamer, gamers, dying light, dying light 2, xbox, ddlg, daddy dom little girl, little, littles, daddy, daddy's girl, daddys girl, daddie, daddie's girl