Madison Gets Railed Part 1


Madison May

American / USA
12:12 min - Oct 05 - .MP4 - 915.43 MB


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This is one of those that we girls aren't crazy about but some of you guys love! I was a little tipsy, ok maybe a lot. And although I started the night looking fabulous porn star perfect, I ended it make up smeared, hair a mess, my spray tan coming off, slurring my words and horned up like a 16 year old! So a guy at the hotel took me to bed and I gave him a foot job to get him hard. Then I had him face fuck me with his monster cock until I gagged on it! Then he flipped me over a couple times, fucking me in my holes until he finally blew his hot load all over my stomach. Sometimes sex is just dirty, messy, sloppy and not pretty. And sometimes, that's how I like it! Hope you do too. :)