Step Son Makes His Move

8,141 5.0

Amber Lynn Bach

American / Florida
8,141 5.0
12:23 min - Oct 02 - .MP4 - 338.68 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Park696978 Apr 17 2016

I came up with idea for this video

Love2cum Oct 4 2015

love it

NoSaint Mar 6 2016
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3 things: taboo is hot, lingerie is awesome, and Go-Pros are perfect for porn.

callmeheyzeus - Top reviewer Feb 27 2016
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This is an extremely sexy vid. Amber is very hot and I love the way her tits are bouncing. The pov angle was great and so were her sexy moans.

After a hard day at work I just had to lay down... getting out of my work clothes, not caring about the rest, and just crashing... it's been a rough few weeks with my job lately. Deep in a vivid dream about getting laid... my body is feeling everything! Wow! I can feel his hands on me, touching me, his cock... OMG it feels so damn good!!! Rolling over to get a better feel of the guy I'm dreaming about, my eyes open.. OH FUCK!!! My step son has his cock buried deep in my pussy... I try to get him to stop knowing this isn't going to go well if we are caught... but somehow... he talks me into allowing it to continue...