Fetish Friday

The Cum Drawing Spell By Diamond Cums V2


Sandra XXX

British / United Kingdom
20:51 min - Oct 25 - .MP4 - 1.19 GB - 1280x720 HD


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V2 Black And White Wicked Erotica. Watch, listen and feel, the magic of your Queen, Diamond Cums, is SO real. Feel yourself, feel your cum, being drawn right out, made to run. Experience the 'Magical Domination' of this powerful Sorceress, as she uses her spells of magic upon your mind and upon your cock. Let the voice of the Elf Queen of the Kingdom of Cumelot, Lady of the Land of Everlasting Lust and Light, High Priestess Of Avalon and THE most powerful Erotic Enchantress of the ancient isles, guide your cum right out of you. You'll ideally need heaphones to experience this ASMR enhanced creation, fully. Get ready to speak the words of magic, as instructed, as they appear, to feel yourself being deeply immersed in this seductive, interactive Diamond Cums session. Enjoy EXTREME Halloween darkness like never before!