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Arwen Datnoid

Canadian / Your butt
3,321 5.0
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MT_Shell Jan 25 2016

The instructions weren't clear enough. I got my dick caught in the ceiling fan

chad001 Jan 22 2017
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Arwen plays with one of her toys and talks very sexily directly to you... Wow she knows how to use her skills, and she drives you crazy! Brilliant.

haibbhru Jan 22 2017
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In this early effort in Arwen’s ever-expanding JOI catalog, she opts for a novel approach, that of an angled third person POV. As the viewer, I am assigned to witnessing Arwen’s magic from a slightly distant and off center perspective. This adds elements of voyeurism and cuckoldry to the JOI, as I feel as though I am experiencing something not really intended for me. And this provides an extra tingly punch to my excitement. Arwen occasionally glances towards my hidden perch but remains committed to her task, milking that cock with full abandon. I think she is aware of my lurking…. But can’t be fully sure. Early vids like these show Arwen’s ability to think outside the box and strengthen her own unique voice within the world of online erotica!

ChefRob33 - Top reviewer Jul 14
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I'm fairly sure that this is an early attempt by arwen at a joi video. And it's amazing, first time I've seen arwen with red hair(and it looks amazing) as well as this being the last of her joi videos(that I currently have) I am now a fan of JOI (thank you ARWEN). Shot third person with ok lighting and sound( believe me her skills have grown) this is still one awesome video. Her commaning presence is relaxing yet dominant at the same time. Truly a perfect example of JOI.

I tell you how I would stroke your cock