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Hey Satyrs! In this bound orgasm video, Saffron and I are making out when she decides to take control of me! This is my second ever lesbian video, and the FIRST TIME another girl has made me cum! She lays me onto my back, and brings out handcuffs - one for each corner of the bed! Once I'm bound, she blindfolds me! I can't move or see anything, she has complete power over me, and I shiver with excitement over what she's going to do to me! Once I’m tied up, Saffron rips open my shirt, so eager to get me undressed! First she brings out a feather tickler - she knows just how sensitive and ticklish I am! She runs the feather all over my body - paying special attention to the sides of my rib cage, where I'm extra sensitive, and when she just barely touches me tingles of pleasure overwhelm me! Saffron plays with my nipples, making them hard like diamonds! By now goosebumps freckle my whole body and she hasn't even touched my pussy yet! But when she finally does - OH BOY does it ever feel good! She teases me with the Hitachi Magic Wand, using the speed controller to make it super slow! She knows it's on way too slow for me to cum, but she doesn't care, she gets off on teasing and denying me over and over! This goes on for almost an HOUR! All I can do is writhe in torturous pleasure, begging her to let me finally cum! Saffron may be a tease, but she does like to give pleasure, so after an excruciatingly long time, she turns up the Hitachi while pressing it into my clit and uses her other hand to press my pussy lips around the magic wand! I have a huge full body orgasm and explode so hard I nearly kick Saffron! I just can't help myself! <3 Clara Dee
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