Wet Leggings 720p HD



American / Portland, OR
19:52 min - Oct 02 - .WMV - 1.13 GB


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While at a swanky penthouse apartment rental in Puerto Rico, I shoot some highly anticipated wet clothes and wet leggings content in a large rainfall shower. I start out in a super pale blue sun dress & dark blue patterned athletic leggings, have my camera man get every angle of my soaking wet clothes, wide hips, generous ass & luscious curves in the skintight wet clingy clothing, then strip off each item one by one down to my soaking wet yellow lace thong. Once naked, I switch to a second, more brightly royal blue cotton tank top & legging pair that REALLY shows the ideal dry-to-wet look you'll love, then again, strip down to naked. As if that wasn't enough, I then put on a spandex & cotton black sundress & tight black leggings and climb in an oversized jetted garden tub while my camera man gets closeups. This video includes limited chatting, slight noises from the dSLR's autofocus, and periodic wet feet shots, both in Crocs and barefoot. This is available in both 1080p (3gb file) or 720p (1gb file). Later will be released in small format. This Copy: 19:52, 1280x720p HD, 10,192kbps, 29fps.