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ASMR JOI - Climax before going to bed


Trish Collins

French / France
22:16 min - Oct 26 - .MP4 - 1.60 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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Hey guys, here’s a new ASMR video ! I think it is the best I’ve ever made so far – I took some time to experience ASMR myself for a while, and tried to apply everything I’ve learnt during the past few weeks being on Youtube. Of course, you will be gently guided in a masturbation session; the instructions are whispered and were spontaneously thought for the sake of your relaxation. After a long tease you’ll have to exponentially jerk off until you give me your orgasm, while I’m creating nice sounds for you. I’ve specifically focused on mic brushing, mic scratching, mic squishing, trigger words (“tingle”, “gently”, “relax”), and whispering. I suggest watching this video before going to bed, but of course it’s all up to you. As long as you feel relaxed, you’ll definitely enjoy this content to its best ! :)