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HD: Fuck Me Without a Condom

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8,519 5.0
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This is more like a memory. She was riding me senseless and whispered about really feeling all of me. Five loads later is when it crossed my mind that she wasn't on the pill. That look and those glasses....I'll gladly cum in u Submissive Lexi. 😍

Jamie the Profit
Jamie the Profit deleted - Top reviewer Jan 3 2016
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She really knows how to talk dirty. Great Vid.

Paul201 Jan 9 2016
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Very orgasmic experience. This girl has awesome dirty talk that can turn you on and keep you cumming back for more.

Devo11 Dec 19
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this is a great video time to toss out the Condoms. love it lexi is the best

doomsday3m - Top reviewer Oct 18
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Lexi is gorgeous in her black nightie...Very seductive and intense...

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Great video, I especially liked the dirty talking!

JMAN2314 Mar 28 2017
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This is a high quality video. It features some great dirty talk, an amazing view, & a great experience. It's just like being with her. Highly recommend this vid.

Haywood_Yablomie Jan 30 2017
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It's like being right there with her... incredible! Absolutely incredible!!

theaubster - Top reviewer Mar 9 2016
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Lexi is great in this one as she begs the user to cum deep inside her -- so hot!

I want to fuck you without a condom, I want to feel your bareback cock deep inside my pussy, and I want you to CUM DEEP inside me so I can feel it super warm in side. :D *** Recorded In: Full 1080p HD Widescreen *** Shot Using: iPhone 6 Plus *** Video Format: H.264 .MP4 *** Note: I NEVER add any type of music to any of my videos, or sell old live cam shows