HD: Fuck Me Without a Condom

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8,193 5.0
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Paul201 Jan 9 2016
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Very orgasmic experience. This girl has awesome dirty talk that can turn you on and keep you cumming back for more.

Jamie the Profit
Jamie the Profit deleted - Top reviewer Jan 3 2016
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She really knows how to talk dirty. Great Vid.

Devo11 Dec 19
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this is a great video time to toss out the Condoms. love it lexi is the best

doomsday3m - Top reviewer Oct 18
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Lexi is gorgeous in her black nightie...Very seductive and intense...

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Great video, I especially liked the dirty talking!

JMAN2314 Mar 28
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This is a high quality video. It features some great dirty talk, an amazing view, & a great experience. It's just like being with her. Highly recommend this vid.

Haywood_Yablomie Jan 30 2017
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It's like being right there with her... incredible! Absolutely incredible!!

theaubster - Top reviewer Mar 9 2016
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Lexi is great in this one as she begs the user to cum deep inside her -- so hot!

I want to fuck you without a condom, I want to feel your bareback cock deep inside my pussy, and I want you to CUM DEEP inside me so I can feel it super warm in side. :D *** Recorded In: Full 1080p HD Widescreen *** Shot Using: iPhone 6 Plus *** Video Format: H.264 .MP4 *** Note: I NEVER add any type of music to any of my videos, or sell old live cam shows