Date Night

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It's date night my little cuck. I look fabulous in the dress you bought me. It hugs me in all the right places and it's oh so tight. So tight that I won't be wearing any panties on this date. I'll let you attend this date, but you need to stay away and watch from the other side of the restaurant. I'll be talking to Alpha, touching his arm and be a complete tease. It will also tease you too, won't it cuck. I think after a yummy dinner we will go to a show where it will be nice and dark for a little dessert. You can sit in the back row and watch as we fondle the entire night and his hand creeps up my dress. That's when you will start jerking your cock in the theater wishing you were the lucky one. Oh, but you are the lucky one cuck! You got to pay for this date!