Blackmail trance



British / United Kingdom
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You need someone to hold your hand through every little thing, don't you? Well, lets get started then shall we. Now sit back and get comfortable, don't tense up. Breathe in and out slowly and watch my necklace swing back and forth in front of your face. Let yourself lose control and lose all of your ambitions, now slowly start stroking and look deep into my eyes. My eyes are your gateway, my eyes are what control you. I can see right into your soul. Slow and steady my little addict. Don't let yourself lose focus. Just stroke and stare, let my eyes consume you.Just let your control slowly slip away right into my slender little fingers. Our connection is growing with every passing second, you feel your body start to go numb with pleasure. You can feel my power coursing through your veins. You're my pathetic jerking zombie. Just think of how great it feels to be in submission to me. Good boy, now when I clap my hands you will stop stroking and tell me your full name, address along with your bosses information. You will give this information without delay. Good keep staring into my eyes as you fall deeper and deeper into a trance. Now that you've given me all of your information I expect you to pay me every week otherwise all this information is going out to all of your family and friends! I will tell them exactly what a pathetic loser you really are!
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