Freebie Tuesday

Sissy Blackmail

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177 5.0
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MikaelasBitch Nov 2 2015
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Im a sissy and I love this video. A dream scenario for me. Being caught and blackmailed by a superior Goddess like mikaela. Love the underwear in this video l. Wish I owned it.

Have you been going through my underwear drawer? You have, haven't you?! You are such a sissy little slut! You've even got my wig out! I was going to come in here to find you. I always knew you had a thing for dressing up in women's clothes! It's a shame I couldn't have gotten more pictures. I already knew you had a thing for it! That's why I lured you into my house party today! Inside this safe is lots of evidence of your life as a sissy, lots of photographs. Only I know the code. The only way these photographs are going to get destroyed is if you give me what you want. I know you've got a very high and powerful job, and a wife, 3 ! I know absolutely everything about you! There's only one way you can shut me up...
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