My First Video Ever! Double Orgasm

3,909 4.9

Hallie Anna

American / Australia
3,909 4.9
6:04 min - Oct 04 - .MP4 - 180.08 MB


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Tom_Shizz Mar 19 2017
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Succinct as it may be, it has a beginning, a middle and an end; ...and boy did she finish.

telemnar Oct 19 2016
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a great sign of things to CUM

_OO_Fox_OO_ Sep 17 2016
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Hallie is a sweetheart. This is a simple (in the best sense) and sensual vid, full of eye contact, and moans of pleasure. Great curves, and a beautiful spirit. Highly recommended.

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Even if the title of this video was "I Do 10 to 12 Videos A Day," the level of performance by Hallie is so high that her passion, playfulness and appeal belie the purported inexperience, which is also appealing in and of itself.

thedcme Aug 4 2016
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This video is amazing all the way around. Hallie is a knockout, and watching her sensually play and cum twice is wonderful to see. It's made even better by the fact that this is her first video, With the quality of this one as good as it is, her future vids should be out of this world. 7/5 unnnnffffff's

hrlm30 Jul 28 2016
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Excellent first video! Very promising for future ones!

This video is sweet & succinct, my very first video sold to the public. No clothes, no toys, just lots of eye contact, two eye-rolling orgasms, & some finger-sucking to top it off. This was edited without music, so you can hear every caught breath & crescendoing moan. Thanks in advance for reviewing after you watch, xo TAGS: BBW, orgasms, finger fucking, fingering, nipple sucking, nudity, naked, shy, sweet, pussy, wet, masturbation, multiple orgasms (Previously titled "First Time Filmed for You&quot