How to Make Biscuits

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233 4.8
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Mina Lee Mar 30 2017

exactly what i'm looking for when i search food porn :) got my vid from ELM so i cant leave a proper review, but this video is amazing and cute if you don't own it you need it

byakhee Apr 17 2016
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Great cooking very entertaining Zander is her usual cute self.

danpetman Nov 8 2015
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Anyone who is a fan of Zander needs this video. It captures perfectly the casually, effortlessly sexy nature of other videos but combines it with the fun, silly, genuine and just all-round lovely aspects of Zander's personality that don't get a chance to shine as much in more explicit videos. The apron is extremely cute, a small dog cameos and Zander says "moistened" and then gives the camera a "yeah I just said moistened" look. What more could anyone want? This video made me laugh aloud and also taught me how to bake something. Not a lot of videos can claim to have achieved either one of those, let alone both.

sfzaphod - Top reviewer Jun 4 2016
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An educational video with a nice bum, that is otherwise, well, a thing I suppose.
Try the recipe, it seems bangin'.

Dunce_Returns deleted - Top reviewer Mar 23 2016
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A nice fun video, Zander is just an awesome girl, I am really glad I came across her page.

18-minute 1080p widescreen video. Come into my kitchen and I'll teach you how to make an easy tasty baked food! I'm naked under my cute apron, and you can catch glimpses of sideboob & bare butt, but nothing explicit in this vid. Just me being silly!
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