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Afternoon Quickie

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American / Oregon
526 5.0
11:31 min - Oct 5 2015 - .MP4 - 466.38 MB


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Is that the Shilo you're using? If so, I am now 100% convinced that I need me one of those. Dearie me.

sfzaphod - Top reviewer Jun 4 2016
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No nonsense nude solar powered deep joy fucking.

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This very simple vid is lovely. It's Zander deriving a lot of pleasure from expertly handled toys. Everything from the hot moans and whimpers to the facial expressions and body language (and that oh-so-lovely blush) lets you know that nothing is faked here. Yet, Zander knows how to maintain a playful relationship with the audience from beginning to end, making you feel involved. Just. Hot.

Dunce_Returns deleted - Top reviewer Mar 12 2016
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Very nice!

1080p widescreen video. I pleasure myself with my favorite dildo and vibrator, moaning and writhing on the carpet as you watch me. Nice viewing angle of my whole body on this sexy sunny afternoon :)