Humiliating Small Penis JOI

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Im such a pansy cuck that wants you to treat me like a useless pig!!

Love your tits!  Always makes me went to CEI!

You think that it is cool to embarrass the school dean by defiling my photo in the hall way...? With a dick?? Haha. Come into my office. You think you've won this round, think again. Pay back is a bitch with this girl! Sit down and whip out your dick... LOL.. That is your dick???? That thing? OMG.. This just got WAY MORE FUN! If it were big, perhaps you could have fucked me and gotten away with your bad behavior.. But ohhh no... I am gonna make that tiny shrimp dick blow a load ALL over your jeans, before I send you back to class. You little cum stain! Think again before you fuck with me. Have fun walking around all day.. And if you ever think about doing this again- worse is waiting for you.
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