Climaxing With Daddys Cigars 1080p



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(60fps) Hi Daddy, do you like how I dressed up for you? I have some nice, sheer stockings on with some hot peep-toe heels! I'd like to smoke this cigar of yours while I touch myself. You want that, don't you? I don't have a lighter or a cutter, though! And I definitely need more cigars. If you buy me more cigars, I'll do this for you more often, Daddy. And next time, I can smoke it! I want to take a big puff and blow it all over that big hard-on that you have for me. Oh, Daddy, I want to cum for you! I want to use my vibrator to orgasm while I hold your cigar in my mouth. Let me strip this lingerie off, lay back, and spread my legs while you watch. But Daddy, won't you buy me more cigars for next time?