Cuckolded By Roommate and Best Friend

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I, as your roommate, need to confront you about something.. your best friend told Me you've developed a crush on Me. That really can't go anywhere, That would be inappropriate. And besides that, you're not really My type. There's another thing I have to tell you, too. This might be awkward but I'm seeing your best friend now. I just want you to know because I'm sure we will be here a lot.. and I'm sure you'll hear us fucking. I mean, he is so hot, hung and good in bed so it's hard for Me to keep quiet. OH MY GOD.. Is that a hard-on I see in your pants?! Did you just get a boner from hearing Me talking about fucking your best friend?! Wow.. So you're like on of those cuckolds? Well, this has taken a turn. I think I'm going to use this to My advantage. Why don't you take off your pants and jerk while I tell you how Me and your best friend going to use you as a cuck wallet.