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HD: Pool Repairman Gets His

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Amber had hired a new pool repairman about a month ago due to her old repair man not fixing her pool the way it needed to be anymore. This new repair man is amazing... he'll drop anything and everything to come help her out whenever she needs. Amber had other thoughts for having her pool repaired today... her contacting her guy to come out was to do a bit more than fixing her pool... she had another leak in her other pipes that couldn't be put off anymore. Peter comes in and gets right to work dropping in his equipment and getting started without question. However, he was taken a bit by surprise when he feels a hand tugging on his shorts. Turning around he finds Amber naked, wearing a weight belt, a mask, and using her long line. She didn't need to ask or push him into doing anything that he hadn't already thought of.... today was going to be an amazing day at work! Amber taking her regulator out of her mouth... placing her lips over his cock.... OMG! The feeling of an underwater cock sucking! Without thinking much about it.. Peter moved to have Amber flip over, her ass up in the air... and his cock slid right into her tight pussy. Giving her a pounding in every way imaginable, feeling & grabbing her huge titties .... Hearing her loud moans, her heavy breathing, seeing the bubbles coming from her regulator... he was in ecstasy! Her breathing got faster, heavier and her pussy tighter, knowing she was having her orgasm, he pulled back, Amber grabbing his cock, sucking on it some more, tugging on it and seeing his cum explode from his body.... now that's payment for his reliability and constant willingness to help out a hot woman.
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