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2,988 5.0
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Equinoxe5 Jan 6 2017

Bootilicious..awesome sexy ass mmm :)

KittyTease Jan 6 2017


KittyTease Nov 17 2015

my first anal video!

krillin18 - Top reviewer Nov 12
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omg this vid is so HOT! hard to think of something to say after watching this vid cause it left me speechless, wow...just WOW! I'm so happy KittyTease did an anal vid and if you love anal vids than you will absolutely want this vid! :D :D

xo :x

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I keep watch this hot vid over and over. Very sexy. As I said before, well worth the price.

Faber82 Jul 3 2016
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A dream of a beautiful booty!

KittyTease Jul 3 2016


kmlawdog - Top reviewer Nov 29 2015
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What a great premiere of a yummy tush. Awesome vid, One to add to your list!!!!!

KittyTease Mar 2 2016


Teaching my but with pink friend. Analysing my ass with long nails. Using pussy juice to ease the penetration of my anal tightness. My butthole debut!
Polish / Poland