Sneezing and Rubbing Sniffling Runny Nos

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Brittany Lynn has just finished eating lunch out. She enjoyed herself but the chef used a lot of spices and it seems those spices are getting to her nose. She sniffles and sniffs as her nose starts to run. Soon she is rubbing her nose and then lets out a big sneeze. This provides temporary relief but her nose continues to tickle her. She keeps rubbing her nose and sniffling but the sneezing continues. She fights it, but she keeps having to sneeze. She even has a moment where she has multiple sneezes in row. She keeps rubbing her nose, sniffling, and sneezing. By the looks of it, she'll be at the sneezing for awhile. Included in this clip: Sneezing, Nose Fetish, Rubbing Nose, Runny Nose, Nose Running, Nose Rubbing, Nose Tickle, Blondes, Amateur, Brittany Lynn
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