Gay Shaming Tickle Torture

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princessberpl Jan 5 2016
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I absolutely loved this video. The acting is fantastic and the tickling is so cute that Nenetl and Arabelle have officially made it a new kink for me. The story line is great as well! It had me wishing I could be in Nenetl's position. But regardless of what Arabelle says don't let her fool you - spoiler alert: I think they're both gay.

Arabelle confronts Nenetl after seeing her making out with their friend. Nenetl denies the whole thing, but Arabelle isn't convinced. She decided to tickle Nenetl until she confesses that she is a lesbian. But that isn't enough. Arabelle blackmails Nenetl to be her secret fuck toy or she'll tell everyone at school that she is gay.