Emo Teen Swallows Mouthful of Cum POV BJ

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American / The Cosmos
953 5.0
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MichaelXY - Top reviewer Jun 7 2016
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Video starts off very playful with a bit off booty posing in panties while her guy is smacking her cheeks and she is flexing/bouncing them up and down. After about a minute she takes off her top to reveal those lovely small and firm breasts with pink nipples. The guy gropes her a bit before she kneels down infront of the camera guy who is standing and filming everything POV down.
The BJ gets spitty at times and she does a bit of deepthroating.

The cumshot is CIM and you can't really see anything she opens her mouth a bit at the end and sticks out her tongue but it's difficult to discern the small cumshot from spit in her mouth and then the video cuts out.

The weak cumshot was disappointing other than that I really don't want to fault this video for too much because the girl is absolutely stunning and does a great BJ. However, the video does seem a bit monotone without any talking in there or mixing things up a bit technique wise it almost seems like she was doing the exact same thing for nearly 10 minutes. I personally would really have loved to see her flash that beautiful smile to the camera and make more eye contact.

briancoates Oct 8 2015
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This vid is amazing. All of her vids are fantastic.

boytoy gets a nice long blowjob! seriously this video is so hot, I even fap to it!!! he starts off by playing with my boobs and butt, then I start sucking his perfect cock until he cums in my pretty little mouth :) ***SHOT POV STYLE IN HD!!!***