British / ARIZONA
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+1 Tweet Share Goldie is the boss of a marketing agency and has hired you on your great references but noticed you aren't putting out your full potential as you concentration has been on her..She decides to get you in the office to clear the air and your mind by talking to you about it and seeing you looking at her body she dirty talking to you as she is still scolding you ,she puts up her feet and kicks off her shoes faining her feet are sore and hot in her shoes knowing that this arouses you she starts to cock tease you more as you cant stop staring and she notices a bulge in your pants ,she decides that the best thing is to let you worship her feet from sole, high arch,heal and toes and if you are good at that will reward you with a foot job.. As she strokes your cock with her sexy feet til you cum on command over them... She offers if you promise to step up your game in the work place too you will be rewarded more often with more foot worship and foot sex!...