Limp Fetish My Dirty Doll


Alyssa Reece

Canadian / Vancouver
8:36 min - Oct 07 - .MP4 - 286.70 MB


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I have my very own little doll that I can play with whenever I want. My doll Joanna is beautiful and she's all mine. She just lays there and lets me do anything I want with her. At first I make her look perfect by brushing her silky blonde hair, and then I make her touch me with her doll hands. I take off her pretty panties so I can examine her pink pussy. I make her touch my tits and then my wet pussy. She lays perfectly still with her big eyes open the whole time, I know she's watching me do these dirty things to her, and I know she likes it. Why else would she just lay there teasing me with her perfect doll body? I make her little doll fingers play with my clit until I cum so hard. Contains: Limp Fetish, Doll Fetish, Masturbation, Orgasm, & Blondes.