Odette Delacroix dirty talk interview HD

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Woo hoo, finally got the cute little one and only pornstar Odette Delacroix for a shoot! Check out this raw, candid, cute and dirty interview with her! Questions asked -What is your name and how old are you?How did you get in the business and how long have you been doing it?What are your goals in the business?How did you end up in the "petite vs plump" thing? Do you actually enjoy wrestling with really overweight women?What's the biggest dick you had?What kind of guys are your type? What kind of guys do you really wanna FUCK?What kind of girls are your type? Do you really like them sexually? ;)Facials - how much do you enjoy them really? Is it just for filming? :PDo you spit or swallow? :PWhat makes you GET OFF the best? ;)How many dicks have you SUCKED in your lifetime? :PAnd what are you looking forward to today finally?
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