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18 Years Old And Rock Hard For Stepmom

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It's bad enough my stepson saw me peeing but now I catch him sitting in the room with his rock hard dick hanging out. I think he was masturbating to the thought of me pulling down my panties and peeing in front of him lol. I have to admit I do like the sight of an 18 year old rock hard dick and I'm going to have to do something about it. So I decide to give him a hand job and nothing else. But as I stroked his dick I realized I hella wanted to lick his shaft... and then I couldn't resist sucking it, but just the tip! Well one thing leads to another and before I know it he spins me around and has me doing a reverse cowgirl bouncy bouncy bouncy so he can see my bare ass as he fucks me. Is it wrong that I let my stepson nail me? At least I kept in the family lol. Oops hahaha

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