Worship My Feet You Lazy Bum!

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I come home from a long hard day of work and I find my lazy good for nothing husband Eric just laying on the couch watching T.V. I asked Eric if he looked for a job. He gave me the excuse that he just didn't feel like looking for work and that he just wanted to relax. After hearing that, I got angry and let out my frustration on him. Then he proceeds to brag to me that unemployment has it's benefits and that he's trying to milk it. Oh hell no! That's when I ordered him to get off his ass! Seeing that I was angry with him, Eric cooperated with me. With Eric on his knees, I laid down on the bed and stuck my feet in his face. I commanded him to worship my feet and he did. He whined and whimpered and I told him to shut up and lick my feet. He licked and put my whole foot in his mouth like a good boy. I even smothered his face with my foot while humiliating him. He complained that I had sweaty feet. I told him to worship my other foot because he complained. He obeyed my like a good husband. It felt amazing to have Eric worshiping my feet. I even got naked because I was relaxed. Then I turned around and got on my knees and ordered him to clean my heels. He clean my heels with his tongue which felt amazing and humiliated him the whole time. Every time he whined, I made him do lick my feet longer. I had more in store for him after he was done worshiping my feet because I had to teach him a lesson.