Netflix And Chill: Taboo Edition

9:29 min - Oct 09 - .MP4 - 1.44 GB - 1920x1080 HD


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A guy has recently contacted Raquel, asking her if she wants to "Netflix & Chill". Confused as to what his intentions are, Raquel goes to her brother Russell for advice. "Oh yeah, Netflix & Chill; I do that with my girlfriend a lot.." turning towards his game controller, Russell decides to show his sister instead of trying to explain. "I mean I watch Netflix by myself all the time, and I chill so what; he just wants to hang out..?" Though a strange feeling comes over Raquel as her and her brother begin to watch the screen. She has the urge to remove her clothing, "It's feeling kind of hot in here.." her eyes not leaving the screen as she unsnaps her bra and removes her shorts. The same feeling comes over her brother, as he joins. "Yeah, It is a little hot in here..". Now, "chilling" is the last thing on the two's mind as they seem to have fallen under some sort of spell from the screen. "Suddenly, I don't want to watch Netflix anymore.." Raquel's mouth finding her way to her brother's cock, & Russell's hands and fingers exploring his sister's pussy. This spell completely overtakes the two, Raquel wanting nothing more than to feel her brother's cock deep inside of her pussy, bouncing up & down on his cock; and Russell desiring to pound his sister senseless
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