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Piper Kush Nov 27 2015

The Boy Girl Video Pckg preview is from X Marks The Spot - I adore the messy creampie leaking all over my hairy pussy! Don't you?! If you like, you can buy it by itself here:

Ghostman_MD - Top reviewer Nov 15 2015
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Great video package. Facial, fucking, and creampie. The triple delight. Love the idea of putting 3 vids together and selling as package deal. Works for me.

3 Boy Girl videos! Sold separately it would cost $30.97 for all 3 videos when no sales are applied! Save $10.98 and get 1 FACIAL and 2 CREAMPIES! A Relaxing Facial, Cute Couple Foreplay and Fuck AND X Marks The Spot CREAMPIE! All played back-to-back. Here are the video description high lights: A Relaxing Facial "I blow cum bubbles while I lie back licking, sucking and smiling while he makes a mess out of me! I worship his cock as he smears my spit all over my face before unleashing his huge load!" Cute Couple Foreplay and Fuck "The clip starts with Man Kush licking and sucking on my clit while fucking my freshly trimmed cunt with a 9" dildo, making me cum hard! After warming me up and I'm still on my back he starts teasing me with his cock, then fucking my tight wet pussy. We add a little vibrator play while we fuck before it's my turn to ride! I climb on top and ride him until we both cum at the same time - we kiss as I enjoy his hot load inside me before I slide off his cock and let you see the creamy load dripping out of me!" X Marks The Spot CREAMPIE "we start fucking and moaning hard, with my legs in the air as he pounds my wet pussy! He stops to lick me and finger fuck me until a cum hard! Then he uses his thick cock to pump little pussy full with his HUGE load! I finger myself and play in his mess before I get close up to the camera and show you his thick cum all over my pussy lips and hairy bush."