HD 26 different peeing shortclips



37:30 min - Oct 09 - .MP4 - 1.98 GB


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You know what you can't do with clips shorter than two minutes? Add them to your studio on clips4sale, because the minimum length is 2 minutes.However, if you make a compilation with all the short clips you have collected between March and July 2015, you can offer them in one great compilation full of pee.That is exactly what you get here. Lean back and enjoy 26 scenes full of pee, never posted before, mostly normal toilet pee, desperate toilet pee, very desperate and long toilet peeing, outdoor peeing (camping site, street next to car), a shower pee or two, a sink pee, a peeing in the rain at night. I pretty much cut them to the peeing, mostly toilet peeing. Sometimes the relief on the face, some other times a bulge, a struggle, pants opening, squatting, rushing, wiping.. even a chocolate kiss included. Smiling, yawning, farting. Awake, half asleep - freshly shaved, a little hairy. It's all inside this compilation. Basically a little cross section of my pee life outside the clip store from the past 4 months, no wetting though.