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I wanted to get back to clipmaking, but I got so ill all of a sudden that I am limited in my pee fun. In this clip, I wanted to have some fun nontheless. I had a feeling that I deserved to do something nice to myself. I don't have much time to myself at all at the moment and then the illness on top.. oh well.I am in my toilet and I squat with feet on the edge of the toilet seat to pee through my spandex jeanslook shorts (see 'HD' 'Spandex jeans-look panty shorts peeing and light blue jeans wetting';) into a glass. I fill the 350ml easily and then give my stomach a much deserved treatment after being stretched out through all the months of pregnancy. I pour the glass onto my flat belly, the pee running down through my shorts into the toilet. It feels amazing, as I can feel all the tiny streams run through my pussy and ass.I get up to show you my wet panties from the backside. They are soaked for the most part. I stand on the toilet reversed and the pee runs down my legs in the light. The drops look wonderful. Sadly, I have to cut the clip short as I still feel ill and have a fever. My nose is running and red, but I feel great to have that pee coating on my skin and pussy now.Shall I pour you a little sip before I leave? Oh, I will. I pee into the glass again and put it so close to the camera that you can look inside the glass. Smell it, it's lovely. You can sip that if you like :)