Maid Masturbation

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1,267 4.9
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spillsberry Nov 16 2016

Sexy masturbation video showcasing great tits!

It would be hot if you did a big dildo creampie vid with this outfit too.

newdomokins Jun 7 2016
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Can't help but be satisfied and aroused by her body alone. Wish there was a little more action but I knew what I was getting. Cheers, beautiful

wes1der May 27 2016
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This was the video that first brought RabbitMagick to my attention. I don't even know what to say but look at the screenshot and then I dare you to last through 3 minutes of this dirty maid. I will be back for more.

MRG0M3Z May 10 2016
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I was loving the last 2 minutes. Love how beautiful your kitty looks. This should be 10 stars

kitten_hugs - Top reviewer Apr 21 2016
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Love it! Rabbit is the best.

tx6294 - Top reviewer Apr 10 2016
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Just love the outfit and I just can't help myself from watching her gorgeous bidy.

Caboose_uk - Top reviewer Apr 6 2016
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Another Amazing Video!

Ralphk Apr 5 2016
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She is a goddess. Awesome video of her masturbating and playing with her beautiful breasts. All from one great angle. I would've rather heard just her instead of the music but the second song was cool. Grimes is cool.

queencolleen Mar 20 2016
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She is so beautiful and lovely and I always love full body shots like this. Definitely did not disappoint! Plus maid outfits are hot! ;] <3

skooter2k5 - Top reviewer Mar 16 2016
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She's got some of the best looking tits on manyvids. I'm dying to see more of her body.

ClutchKevin Jan 31 2016
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Loved this video , i can actually hear her moaning at times , pussy looks very nice and succulent , love the dildo stimulation , this video definitely is worth getting great quality and great price whats not to love

LordHippie Apr 2 2017
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i love how cute you look in that outfit.

1blackstar - Top reviewer Nov 25 2016
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Great video gorgeous excited to get more

warswics Sep 23 2016
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Wow, what's to say? Rabbit is one gorgeous woman. Her costumes, makeup, etc. are always indicative of the amount of thought she puts into what she does. And what she does is turn up the sexual hotness to unbelievable heights. Seriously, this woman is sex personified. Everything about her drips sensuality and this video is a perfect example. Get it now and you'll be happy you did. I know I am. :D

stjphd deleted - Top reviewer Aug 13 2016
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Your outfits are ace. And this is a great video.

Cant get enough of my maid outfit? Me neither! In this video watch me masturbate with my favorite purple vibrator!
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