Chubby Bunny

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bellyman deleted Mar 20

Beautiful so beautiful

keepitklean Feb 23 2016
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Absolutely beyond beautiful! Amazing body flaunted perfectly!

Gisgym Feb 19 2016
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I discovered this video from the performer's own Twitter, where she claimed that this video had been especially popular as of late. As I started following her because of her sensational ability to look fabulous using a wide range of makeup, hair colours, and cute outfits, checking her manyvids account was a no-brainer. Because of the mention of "Chubby Bunny", I was of course particularly interested in seeing what the video was all about.

In the preview of this video, you get a glimpse of the beauty to come, and I now fully understand why it was popular.

MRG0M3Z May 10 2016
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The music was soothing and the way she just looks into the camera with so much sexual passion. It's like she wants you to be there so she can caress you. Made me feel so relax.

kitten_hugs - Top reviewer Apr 21 2016
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You're incredibly beautiful! Hope to see more videos like this one in the future.

tx6294 - Top reviewer Apr 8 2016
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Enjoyed seeing her entire figure, again what can I say I find to have an incredible body.

queencolleen Mar 20 2016
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Her makeup and hair are so on point in this (as always)! She is so lovely to look at and this vid is a definite tease. Left me wanting to see more, but still very pleased with my purchase! ;]

kittyotaku Mar 16 2016
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She's just so stunning and beautiful. Very wonderful video :)

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all around great video, will be buying from again.

notmehere1 deleted Feb 21 2016
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More of this please, a fully naked cum video would be amazing. Fantastic body!

deliadelia Jun 14 2016
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RabbitMagick is a star. She exudes sexuality and the Lana track is very fitting. It's a nice slow-paced tease, something she excels in, and the sexyness is only enhanced by her great choice of outfit and makeup that makes her look so sweet and seductive. Her body is perfect, and she is great at showing it off. I can see why this is such a popular vid, it's a nice simple look at her body and teasing abilities that packs a seriously sexy punch. Definitely would recommend.

In this video is the first time i show off my big belly which is very RARE! So enjoy the body posi with me!
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