CBT while locked in Chastity

Wynter Azure

American / Pacific NW
7:39 min - Oct 09 - .MP4 - 110.03 MB


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Wynter and Piggy are set out to film a fun clip. Piggy is on his knees, his hands behind his back, Wynter teases him and slowly reveals his cock cage by pulling his cute boxers down. Wynter goes to move the camera angle and ends up putting a stool in the frame too- Piggy smart mouths by telling her it's in frame, Wynter mocks him and he says "Fuck You." Wynter is caught by surprise!! She immediately begins scolding him for his mistake- after all he's the one in a cock cage right now!!! He smiles and pokes Wynter's belly! How dare he continue to sass her!! After some good scolding Piggy's smile fades and he hangs his head down, blushing bright red. Wynter then knees and kicks his locked up balls. She uses her nails on his balls, slaps them around and verbally humiliates Piggy. She makes him admit to what a dirty perverted pig he is while she tortures his balls, fucks with his cock cage while he squirms and flinches in pain! She mixes sensuality with the pain, rubbing up against Piggy, whispering in his ear and she talks about his chastity, torment and more while she causes him pain. The whole scene is very steamy, very real and the chastity talk is very hot- this one being a bit harsher than the other chastity clips they've made together simply because Wynter gets legitimately pissed at Piggy's behavior! The couple grows closer through the experience, Wynter loving the pain and torment of Piggy's locked cock and balls and Piggy being thankful to experience it! He thanks her at the end and she surprises him with a passionate kiss, she loves her chastity pig and LOVES KEEPING HIM LOCKED UP!!!