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You want to follow me for a whole day of wetting and clothed showers? This is a huge clip with multiple scenes. We start the day.. in the morning! I get up out of bed and let out a massive morning pee flood and morning fart into my brown leggings. It's a nonchalant scene. You get the feeling that this is totally natural and everyone is just doing it like this. Getting up and letting the pee out right where you are as if it's nothing.After that we take a shower with the clothes on. Tight white shirt and tight leggings. Stiff nipples poke against the shirt. A slow and sensual wet look and see-through t-shirt scene. I aim the shower over my tits slowly and the skin comes shining through more and more. There they are! Next up I take some nice smelling girl soap and... what?? I am just taking a shower as if I am naked! Soaping my whole body, except - I wear all the clothes. I soap up the clothes :) This is fun, exciting and unusual, although in the clip, I just act as if it's the most normal thing to do.We got up and had a shower, now it's time for breakfast. A sandwich and a cup of good coffee, freshly made from whole beans. I wear new clothes. Tight jeans and a tight longsleeve. Bare feet. A towel on my head from the shower - just like an other housewife would look :) While I sip my coffee and eat.. oh my, again! My jeans turn dark.. more and more. A huge stain appears. But it's another nonchalant scene. I don't even seem to notice. I just wet myself without caring about it at all. I approach you and ask if you want to follow me to the shower. Yes? Well, come on :)We are in the shower with all the clothes on and just soak everything thoroughly. I slowly soak my longsleeve, very sensual and sexy again. We make sure I am completely drenched.Next scene I come home from jogging. Sneakers and tight leggings tell you that. On top I wear a jeans jacket and white longsleeve. We stand in front of my door but instead of going in, I wet myself again! The leggings are soaked through all the way down to the sneakers. The sneakers are wet with piss. You hear the wet sounds as I slide my bare feet in and out. I feel so much better. It's time for another shower! See you in the shower.Here we are. Letting all that pee out felt great. Let's re-wet that leggings a little. A little peeing and tiny farts before I turn on the shower. Shhh it's cold!! I change the temperature. Ah, that's better. Time to soak all my clothes again. Of course I wear the sneakers in the shower as well. Who wouldn't? :)We finish the day by relaxing on the couch. What a day. I get up from the couch wearing very tight jeans and.. again! A flood of piss is just pouring through the fabric. Ridiculous. Where does all that pee come from? And I am just peeing everywhere in and around my house. Just peeing wherever I stand. After soaking my jeans with hot pee, I sit down on my couch. But wait - it's time for another shower :)We are in the shower now, it's cold. I soak my jeans and red longsleeve while the water gets warmer. It feels amazing. Well, that was my day of (nonchalant) wetting and wet look. I hope you had fun joining me :) This clip does not contain nudity as it's really focusing on wet clothes.
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