Purple Princess

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Jaydawg7 Jul 18 2016

I found you on Twitter. Commented "I think Im in love" to a tweet.  Came here to purchase a video or two. Went back to Twitter to find you had blocked me on there. Here I am with a video I now do not want to watch. I will never waste another cent on you.

zaphod_ deleted Jun 10 2016
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She's amazing. I love purple, and she IS the Purple Princess.
I love her makeup, her hair, everything about this video.

kitten_hugs - Top reviewer Apr 24 2016
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Any video with Rabbit and stockings is fantastic!

keepitklean Mar 11 2016
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Great video again from RabbitMagick! As always she is drop dead gorgeous, I love the lingerie and theme of the vid!

LordHippie Apr 2 2017
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Despite the sounds not being there its still a great video. such a good costume.

tx6294 - Top reviewer Apr 7 2016
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Loved the lingerie, incredible video; just an incredible body.

The name says it all. Muted*
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