Getting Creamy on My Big Toy

2,289 4.5

Miss Paige

American / USA
2,289 4.5
10:29 min - Oct 09 - .MP4 - 460.15 MB - 1280x720 HD


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small1sh Dec 19 2015

That's a huge toy!

Alchemist15 - Top reviewer Feb 8 2017
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This video is definitely awesome! Looking at her ass from that position ride the dildo, it looks so perfect. The way she rides it shows her really taking her time, there were different paces and there different kinds of angles she rode it, this must of caused different levels pressure for her and the dildo it made me wish it was me! Seriously! She started creaming really good on it. There were times the dildo popped out and you see some cream on her and cream sliding down the dildo. All of this was accompanied by soft moans and her eye contact with the camera from the angles she rode the dildo. She does look beautiful and sexy. And the posture she had on the dildo was sexy as well. When she was done she just lays on her back and she's just looking at the camera, from the work she put in and the result of her feeling pleased after cumming it's beautiful. I wish that part was extended, she looks so good. This definitely gets 5 stars, easily.

Hardy84 - Top reviewer Apr 17 2016
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Very hot riding! :)

Vulgar Overlord - Top reviewer Dec 23 2015
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The title doesn't lie. Great video.

thewills88 Dec 16 2015
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what can i say besides this video being amazing..the title is as advertise and it was worth every penny i spent on this, i never bought any video faster than i when i got this and it was worth it.

2shoes92 - Top reviewer Oct 9 2015
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Amazingly stunning in this hot and get really creamy and your ass is on the spotlight here...damn you are amazing!

NikeHiltonC25 - Top reviewer May 27
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Amazing riding performance from a beautiful woman.

igotitwell Mar 23 2017
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Wasn't for me, I wish I would have known she wasn't shaved before I bought it