Freebie Tuesday

Do As I Say and Jerk


Idelsy Love

Cuban / Las Vegas, NV
8:11 min - Oct 09 - .MP4 - 207.06 MB


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A Halloween treat for you... or is it a trick? You're so horny for me as usual... but you've been trying to be a good boy. Trying so desperately to turn around your jerkboy ways. I'm here to ruin your good boy streak like a true she-devil vixen.... I look so delicious in my sizzling red lingerie, there's no way you won't be stroking that cock. Get your cock out and touch it for me like a dirty boy. That dick belongs to me and you'll jerk whenever I say. I even slip into sexy silky stockings to tease you harder into submission. This Diabla won't take no for an answer